Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Best Way to Increas Your Page Rank..!!

Increase Page Rank is very easy ... please read this article.  put these links in your blog or article and info for follow-up your friend to do the same!

  1. Berita artis indonesia
  2. body health information
  3. share free tutorial
  4. Lerry060103
  5. Media Ilmu dan Sejarah
  6. Berita Sepak Bola
  7. Tirerepadanma
  8. pulsa murah telkomsel 
  9. Blog Blogger Gratis 
  10. Hello Pypy..!!

But remember, before you put the link above, you must remove the participant number 1 from the list. So that all participants up 1 level. Who was number 2 become number 1, number 3 was 2, and so on. Then insert your own links at the bottom (number 10).
If each participant can take only 5 people, then the number of backlinks that will be obtained is:

When you position 10, the number of backlink = 1
Position 9, Number backlink = 5
Position 8, Number backlink = 25
Position 7, Number backlink = 125
Position 6, Number backlink = 625
Position 5, Number backlink = 3.125
Position 4, Number backlink = 15.625
Position 3, Number backlink = 78.125
Position 2, Number backlink = 390.625
Position 1, Number backlink = 1,953,125

And all of them use keywords that you want. From the side you've got SEO backlink 1,953,125 and side effects if the visitor of the downline website you clicked the link, also create a blog you get the additional traffic.

Now, please copy and paste this article, And remove the participant number 1 and add a link blog / website of yours in position 10. Remember, you have to start from 10th position for maximum results. Because if you are in position 1 first, then the link you will be lost once someone has entered the 10th position.
Good luck 

P.S : A very good suggestion.. got to try it out..!!

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