Thursday, December 17, 2009

Singapura : Benci atau Rindu..?

Halo teman-teman blogger sebangsa dan setanah air..

Besok tahun baru Islam, kalau di budaya Jawa malam ini namanya "malam satu suro". Inget alm. Suzana gak sih? hhe..

Sebelum saya akan cukup lama berhiatus karena liburan weekend (oh, akhirnya saya keluar dari Cepu ini..), dan karena jika berada di rumah saya tidak bisa online, maka saya akan memposting sebuah postingan (yaiyalah)..

Tahu negara Singapura kan? Pernah ke sana? Entah itu berlibur, sekolah, atau jadi TKI?


*siapkan mental Anda untuk membaca tulisan di bawah ini..


Marah? wajar
Penasaran? sebentar lagi Anda akan mengetahui jawabannya..
Jadi pengen pup? Ayo segera-segeralah ke tempat yang semestinya.. sebelum terlambat..!!

Ini nih kata-kata orang Singapura tentang kitaaa..:

kami berterus terang, kami bukanlah rakyat Malaysia, kami adalah rakyat Singapura. Persoalan mengapa kami anti Indonesia adalah kerana:

1.Bangsa Indonesia sering datang ke Singapura secara Haram

2. Amah 2 Indonesia berkelakukan buruk

3. Negara Indon kami samakan dengan negara 'TERRORIST' kerana negara ini banyak pembunuhan yang berlaku secara kejam.

4. Kami juga selaku bangsa melayu, tidak tahan dengan penghinaan bangsa lain yang menyamakan kami berketrunuan Indon!

5. Kami tidak suka dengan kerajaan Indonesia yang tidak pandai berbhasa Ingeris.

6. Kami tidak suka Media Indonesia yang sering memburuk2kan negara Asean lain.

7. Kami lebih menyokong Malaysia daripada Indonesia kerana, Malaysia lebih maju dan lebih terbuka dari Indonesia.

itu hanya salah satu postingan dari goblog ini.. Mau tahu lebih lanjut, hubungi blog tersebut..

Eit eit.. ternyata ada lagi lhoh.. kali ini memakai bahasa Inggris.. (tapi ini gak jelas juga sih asalnya dari mana si gobloggernyaa..)

Judulnya Ten Things I hate About Indonesia (buset, udah kayak judul film aja)

New year is approaching. Let us take a quick recap on our environment: what is good and what is bad; and hope that things will change only for the better after the holidays. Therefore I present you with the ten things I hate and love about Indonesia and Hungary. I will start from “Ten Things I Hate About Indonesia” first…

1. Corruption
How can you not hate it when the former president is still holding the world’s record for being the biggest corruptor ever with US$ 35 billion? The worst is that he’s still out there—free to watch his favorite show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and suddenly has to be treated in hospital everytime he hears attempt of bringing his case to the court. However his half brother will be spending the next four years in jail for another corruption case; while his youngest son, Tommy Suharto, was put behind the bars in 2000 for murdering a judge. What a big happy family!

2. Poverty
What can you expect after your president had stolen US$ 35 billion? What else but poverty:
More than half of Indonesia’s 210 million people are vulnerable to poverty. In 2002, the World Bank estimated 53% of the population – some 111 million – live below the international standard poverty line of US$ 2 a day.
Poverty is not just a matter of inadequate incomes and expenditures on food and daily necessities. Many of the poor and near poor also lack access to basic education, medical services and adequate nutrition. Some 25 million Indonesians are illiterate. Nearly 50 million suffer health problems, a similar number lack access to health facilities. Many communities have inadequate or non-existent basic infrastructure like safe water, adequate sanitation, transport, roads and electricity.

3. Natural disaster
And that was not enough. The country has been plagued with the tsunami last year and the earthquakes which sometimes still happens nowadays. They are so common that media no longer pay any attention to them. Nevertheless the effects are still there. Flood, volcanic eruption, and landslide remain constant threats.

4. Diseases
SARS, malnutrition, bird flu, dengue fever, anthrax, …I have lost counts.

5. Social gap
It happens anywhere else, so why should it be special, I hear you ask. Whenever I watch Travel Channel’s report on Thailand, for example, most likely it would show the beauty of Bangkok city, the clubs, the leisure. Or in India, you would only see the beautiful women, the exotic dancers, or delicious chicken curry. But in Indonesia you would see poor fishermen hunting whale in order to live—not to earn money, mind you, but simply to live. You would see primitive tribes cook their meal in a poor fireplace inside their huts. And I kept asking myself why didn’t they simply show Tamara Blezynski who earns US$ 4,000 for each episode on her soap opera? Because there are more of these people, that is why. Poverty has been a problem since the beginning of civilization. Yet it is sad to see that nowadays some are still living in that age while their countrymen can afford a life that they could never imagine.

6. School

Schools are never for free in Indonesia; especially now with the capitalization era coming. I heard now there is a special regulation which allows state-owned universities to receive students without any tests—the students with high grades in senior high, mind you. However they have to pay between US$ 500 to 7,500; not a small amount in Indonesia. I wonder whose money they would use. Only as a comparison, I learned in a state-owned university in Surabaya, had to compete with thousands of competitors in the entrance test; and paid only around US$ 30 in the end after passing the examinations.

7. Resource monopoly
Although the amount is decreasing, monopoly still exists. There is only a company which can provide you with fixed phone, for an instance. I have no problem with it; had it been able to reach everyone. But it hasn’t. My parents built a house in 2000, in an area where most people have had their telephone. As soon as the house was ready, they registered themselves for a fixed phone. And even now they haven’t gotten it for the same reason: there are not enough people in that area who request it. As the consequence, they have no internet. That sucks! They have the money, and they want to spend it on the damn fixed phone to chat with their daughter who is living abroad—but they can’t.
Electricity is even worse. There is only one company in the whole country; so everyone must buy the electricity from it. Yet it has been operating at a loss.

8. City bus
City bus is definitely a nightmare. In Surabaya, there are 111 buses which have been operating for 11-15 years; 170 buses for 16-20 years; and 112 buses for more than 20 years . To give you more views, it is not forbidden to smoke inside; there is no air conditioner; and there is no clear limit on how many passengers can be. At times you have to stand with somebody else’s arm pit only a few cm away from your precious nose; meanwhile you should give way to the street singers who get on and off the bus to earn a living.

9. Low self esteem
Indonesians are mostly fed up with the frequent stagnation of their life that they think everything comes from abroad must be better: grass is always greener on the other side, true enough. But in Indonesia, it has come to the point where people start to lose their identity. For example, a friend of mine worked as a teacher in an international school among with expatriates from Europe. They all had the same occupation: teacher. While she received US$ 180 despite, her European colleagues got at least US$ 2,000—and nobody would ever say anything about it. Because they are European—expatriates; they deserve more! She did quit after some time; yet many would be more than willing to replace her for that amount.
There are many superficial matters, such as the women who are willing to spend extra cash (and risk some cancer also) to get whiter skin in order to look like the Indonesian beauties; the likes of Tamara Blezynski or Sophia Latjuba. But many more are misleading. People with low education believe that living abroad—no matter how bad—is still better than staying in the country. Thousands of them—mainly women risk to work abroad; as maids. Some receive their money—I read that in Singapore they are paid around US$ 200, that is huge compared to their wage in Indonesia. But it is not rare also that they went home, broke and distressed after having to deal with bureucracy and trafficking and physical harassment and heaven knows what else.

10. Law for mixed marriage
Despite all the grim facts about the fair country, Zsolt and I would still like to move there. Yet an Indonesian wife cannot sponsor her foreign husband to get a resident visa there: only the company which would hire him could. Afterwards, the resident visa is only valid for a year and it must be renewed in the origin country. Each month, a foreigner must pay US$100 tax.
That was not all. Children cannot have Indonesian citizenship until they reach 18, with the father’s permission. Therefore they would be treated as tourist in their mother’s land along with the taxation system which is way too expensive for native Indonesian. A rumor said that there may be new rule that a foreign man must pay US$ 50,000 in order to be able to marry an Indonesian woman. That sucks!

Kesel gak sih.. Tapitapitapi.. coba baca tulisan di bawah ini..

Suatu pagi di Bandar Lampung, kami menjemput seseorang di bandara. Orang itu sudah tua, kisaran 60 tahun. Sebut saja si bapak.

Si bapak adalah pengusaha asal singapura, dengan logat bicara gaya
melayu, english, (atau singlish) beliau menceritakan pengalaman2
hidupnya kepada kami yang masih muda. Mulai dari pengalaman bisnis,
spiritual, keluarga, bahkan percintaan hehehe..

"Your country is so rich!"

Ah biasa banget kan denger kata2 begitu. Tapi tunggu dulu..

"Indonesia doesn't need the world, but the world needs Indonesia"

"Everything can be found here in Indonesia, u don't need the world"

"Mudah saja, Indonesia paru2 dunia. Tebang saja hutan di Kalimantan,

dunia pasti kiamat. Dunia yang butuh Indonesia !"

"Singapore is nothing, we cant be rich without Indonesia . 500.000
orang Indonesia berlibur ke Singapura setiap bulan. Bisa terbayang uang
yang masuk ke kami, apartemen2 dan condo terbaru kami yang membeli pun
orang2 indonesia, ga peduli harga yang selangit, laku keras. Lihatlah
rumah sakit kami, orang Indonesia semua yang berobat."

"Kalian tahu bagaimana kalapnya pemerintah kami ketika asap hutan
Indonesia masuk? Ya, benar2 panik. sangat terasa, we are nothing."

"Kalian ga tau kan klo Agustus kemarin dunia krisis beras. Termasuk di
Singapura dan Malaysia, kalian di Indonesia dengan mudah dapat beras"

"Lihatlah negara kalian, air bersih dimana2.. lihatlah negara kami, air
bersih pun kami beli dari malaysia. Saya pernah ke Kalimantan, bahkan
pasir pun mengandung permata. Terlihat glitter kalo ada matahari
bersinar. Petani disana menjual Rp3000/kg ke sebuah pabrik China. Dan
si pabrik menjualnya kembali seharga Rp 30.000/kg. Saya melihatnya

"Kalian sadar tidak klo negara2 lain selalu takut meng-embargo
Indonesia?! Ya, karena negara kalian memiliki segalanya. Mereka takut
kalau kalian menjadi mandiri, makanya tidak di embargo. Harusnya
kita sendiri, belilah tekstil garmen dari pabrik2 sendiri. Tak perlu
kalian impor klo bisa produksi sendiri."

"Jika kalian bisa mandiri, bisa MENG-EMBARGO DIRI SENDIRI, Indonesia

will rules the world.." 

Jadi sebenarnya, Singapura itu benci atau rindu ya sama Indonesia? Benci benci benci tapi rindu juaaaaaa... (backsound)

Terlepas apakah mereka (atau negara lain, termasuk mALAYsia) membenci atau tidak negara kita, bukankah lebih baik kalau kita menyikapi itu sebagai kritik yang membangun. Kita bisa belajar dari cacian mereka bahwa sebenarnya disamping kekayaan kita yang melimpah, kita masi punya buuuaaaaannnyaaakkkk sekali kekurangan. Ya kan? Nah, tugas kita untuk selalu memperbaiki kekurangan tersebutt.. (nyambung ke postingan sebelumnya)

masi marah? wajar
masi kebelet? kan udah dibilangin suruh ke tempat yang seharusnya..

gak perlu ngatain balik.. jika ditampar pipi kananmu, berikan juga pipi kirimu.. hehe.. (aduh, jadi kotbah)

pokoknya kita semua kan tahu.. DAMAI ITU INDAH.. SALINGLAH MENGASIHI..

Baiklah kalau begitu teman-teman..

Selamat bermalam satu suro.. (dan baru nyadar juga kalo ini malam jumat kliwon)

Persiapan menghadapi malam satu suro dan Jumat kliwon..


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  2. hmmm....
    ngajak perang ya singapura? hahaha peaceee!!

  3. Selamat malam, Jeng Dea.

    Maaf baru baca artikelnya sekarang. Kebetulan saya ini gobloggernya "Ten Things I Hate abt Indonesia", tapi blog saya bukan yang diquote Jeng Dea di atas.

    Mau klarifikasi aja, blog saya "Searching for Utopia". Sebenarnya itu postingan lama, kalo ga salah th 2005. Waktu itu selain menulis Ten Things I Hate, saya juga menulis Ten Things I Love abt Indonesia dan Hungaria, negeri yang sedang saya tumpangi ketika itu. Maksud saya adalah sebagai bahan perbandingan, jadi bukan menghina atau apalah. Kan bisa dilihat dari judulnya, saya sedang mencari utopia :)

    Selama itu postingan tsb adem ayem saja. Tetangga2 di Hungaria juga tidak protes. Sampai tau2 ada suatu blog anti Indonesia (saya ga mau menulis namanya) mencomot isinya tanpa izin, sehingga seolah2 saya ini satu aliran dg dia.

    Perlu diketahui, saya ini WNI asli, meskipun sekarang mencari sesuap nasi di negeri orang. Bhs Indonesia masih bisa, bhs Jawa juga belum lupa kalau mau di tes ahaha.

    Sejak postingan saya dikutip blog tsb, banyak komentar bernada ancaman yg saya terima, kebanyakan menghina asal saya yg (kata mereka) dari negeri jiran. Padahal, kalau mereka membaca lebih teliti, ada saya sertakan link ke artikel Ten Things I Love about Indonesia. Tapi dasar kepala sudah panas...Akhirnya postingan tsb sempat saya kandangkan.

    Anyway, kalau Anda kurang kerjaan boleh lah mampir ke goblog saya untuk berbagi pikiran :) Yang jelas saya mengkritik Indonesia karena saya masih cinta. Kalau ga, mungkin saya sudah ganti paspor kali yah. Harapan saya sih kritikan2 tsb didengar yang di atas...maksudnya para petinggi negara :)

    Tentang seri postingan Ten Things, sebenarnya saya dari dulu bermaksud menulis judul yg sama untuk negeri Singa, tapi saya belum sempat. Bukan berarti saya anti Singapura loh :)

    Sekian saja dari saya. Matur nuwun.


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